Tracking Your Progress Boosts Encouragement and Success


Earlier in the Micro Habits- Tiny Things That Lead to BIG changes series, we learned how habits are superior to goals because they are smaller, sustainable, and deliver immediate results. Goals are incredible and a necessary part of life, but building solid habits to support and achieve goals is the only way to see them happen. Not only that, habits can be an excellent way to prove you are headed towards your goals and the big win you are gunning for.

Keeping Track of your Habits is Proof of Your Success

If you’ve ever motivated a toddler with a star chart, you know the benefits of tracking progress. Each time your child places a star on their chart, everyone does a happy dance for the micro-step in the right direction. A complete chart equals goals achieved and the triumphant realization of the goals.

Along the way, your toddler internalizes the benefits of the chores or actions, and they become a routine part of their lives, and over time, they may not need the sticker or the happy dance to have the desired behaviour.

People LOVE Seeing Their Success

Psychologically, people love seeing their success. Something about checking things off triggers feel-good hormones in the brain: creating a chart, keeping a journal, or finding some way to chronicle your micro habits can help boost the likelihood they will continue and become automatic.

Get Creative Tracking Your Progress

Depending on the micro habit you are developing, there are plenty of ways to track them. You can easily go old school and track your progress in a notebook or on your smartphone. Some apps for diet and exercise have tracking built in with milestones to celebrate along the way.

Celebrate Wins Early and Often

Don’t wait too long to give yourself the credit you deserve for making changes. Celebrate as often as you need to keep yourself motivated and encouraged to keep going. Include trusted friends or family in your goals to master a micro habit and involve them in your celebrations, too; their enthusiasm will boost your esteem.

It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come when you don’t track changes. Keeping a record of your micro habits and reviewing them regularly can emphasize how much effort you’ve given to changing your lifestyle and living the life you deserve

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