Creating Calmness Journal


A month of quotes, questions and reflections to help promote calmness in your life.

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We understand that keeping a journal can be highly therapeutic, calming and beneficial. A recent blog post has suggested 5 key benefits as

  1. Keeping a log of your life yourself
  2. You can record the lives of your children
  3. Journals are great at processing feelings
  4. You can work towards your goals with journals
  5. A journal can help reduce the amount of stress in your life.

This journal has been designed to help improve calmness in your life by providing a month of inspiration and questions to help you reflect on what is happening for you right now. It is delivered as a PDF and we would suggest that you print this off and diarise as a part of a daily routine. Even the act of a daily routine can help in providing a calm environment.

If you want to explore calmness further in your life, perhaps consider taking our 30 days of creating calm course.

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