30 Days of Creating Calm



Finding calmness in a chaotic world can seem impossible. Or, at the very least, incredibly out of reach. We often accept stressed-out as our default emotion, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Being bombarded by information, expectations, and obligations on a daily basis can truly begin to take a negative toll on every aspect of your life. It can affect your mental health, your relationships, your self-confidence, your overall sense of well-being, and more.

With this type of repeated exposure to stressors, you may feel weakened and begin to experience emotional burnout. It can be even tougher to break the cycle when you find yourself in such a rundown state.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to move past the overwhelm and to find your calm. Setting some concrete tasks in motion can help you to break the cycle of overwhelm and gain control over your life once more. Taking just a few steps will help you to feel more in control and can provide you with the motivation to keep going toward making a change in your life.

That’s what this 30-day course is all about. It is about you creating calm. I’m here to share with you what I know about becoming cool, calm, and confident in the face of constant obstacles and stress. This course contains information to help you understand what’s contributing to your overloaded mind, how to take control and find calm and how setting goals for yourself can provide you with the structure needed to kick overwhelm out of touch.

After exploring some of the things that contribute to all the tension you’re feeling, I’ll offer you concrete and usable tips to help you start to bring more peace to your world. These suggestions are all quite simple and actionable.

You’ll find ideas you can begin using right away to gain some of the serenity you’re lacking.

The tips I offer are suggestions you can adapt to meet your specific needs, preferences and lifestyle. With such a wide selection, I’m confident you can begin to incorporate them into your daily practice toward implementing a state of tranquillity and peace into your life.

When you enrol in this course, you will receive a daily email and access to your daily page containing some inspiration that can help you overcome some of the challenges that keep you from calm. In addition, you will receive a 30-day journal that has been crafted to run alongside this program – offering you some space for contemplating and reflection.