Positive Affirmation – I feed my spirit each day with positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts keep my mind in the right space. When I have positive thoughts, I have positive moods. A positive mood leads to courageous actions. My spirit has the best chance to soar when I keep my mind filled with positive thoughts.

It can be difficult to hold positive thoughts when life is challenging. However, I know that positive thinking is the best medicine for troubling times.

Everything begins to shift when I engage in positive self-talk and positive thinking. A bad day can become great quickly if I take control of my thinking.

I strive to think positive thoughts from the moment I awake until I fall asleep. When I catch myself thinking negatively, I immediately replace the negative thought with a positive one. I find that this is enough to put my day back on track.

Good things happen when I think positively.

I keep positive thoughts in my head by asking myself positive questions. What is the best thing that happened today? What can I be thankful for in my life? What is the most exciting thing in my life right now? Such questions feed my spirit and allow me to smile.

Today, I am focused on keeping a positive attitude from sunrise to sunset. My thoughts are positive, light, and hopeful. My spirit is soaring. I feed my spirit each day with positive thoughts.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do when I find myself thinking negatively?
  2. How can I start each day with a positive attitude?
  3. How would my life be altered if I constantly thought positively?

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