Micro Habits Can Radically Change Your Quality of Life


You probably don’t need convincing that micro habits are easy and good for you at this point in the series. For the first ten days, we focused on how building micro habits can help you make positive changes in your life without radically changing everything all at once. We focused on health and how micro habits can give you a mental and physical boost during the second ten-day section. Now, it’s time to focus on how micro habits can change your quality of life.

Micro Habits for the Home that Have a BIG Impact

Daily Cleaning: Cleaning clutter daily can radically improve your quality of life. Simple habits done daily help your home stay tidy. This habit can save time when you do a more extensive cleaning to maintain your home. Daily chores can include:

  • Doing dishes after each meal
  • Taking out the trash at night
  • Cleaning up after animals
  • Putting clothing in the hamper, wash, or folded and away
  • Sweeping floors

Choose micro habits that make the most sense for your needs. Create customized habits that help reduce clutter or help keep your home running smoothly. This will dramatically reduce stress, overwhelm, and help make your home clean and comfortable each time you are there.

Micro Habits for relationships that Have a BIG Impact

Investing in primary relationships: Your primary relationships require nurturing to thrive. Being in good standing with those closest to you helps you feel balanced and at ease. Taking the time to create micro habits that sustain positive relationships can radically improve your quality of life. Some easy micro habits that build lasting relationships include:

  • Date night with partner and/or children
  • Celebrating milestones
  • Writing thank you notes
  • Family meal time
  • Girlfriend/Guys Getaways

Depending on the primary relationships in your life, you can craft habits that fit the unique dynamics you have. The most important thing to remember is to be consistent. Creating habits that promote healthy relationships can dramatically improve your personal quality of life when you have harmony with others.

Finding micro habits that support and enhance the various areas of your life can significantly improve your overall quality of life. Pay close attention to the daily life areas you manage and see what micro habits you can create to make them better than ever.

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