Micro Habits and Health: Small Shifts Are All You Need


It’s never too late to take your health seriously. Making small changes can make a really big difference in no time at all. Did you know within eight hours of quitting smoking, oxygen levels elevate, lung capacity increases, and shortness of breath diminishes. Making small changes can have a dramatic affect. Making better choices about your health can help

  • Reduce or reverse some illnesses or diseases
  • Increase your lifespan
  • Boost your immunities
  • Improve your mental health
  • Enhance your stamina
  • Reduce or reverse signs of aging

You don’t have to go to radical extremes to help your body heal and become heathier, you can make small shifts that add up and make a big impact. All you need is a step in the right direction. Here are some tips-

Tip- Choose an area of focus: If you know you want to make a healthy change, identify are area you’d like to focus. Concentrate on creating micro habits that support your focus.

Tip- Engage in a healthy micro habit for 21 days before adding another: It takes about 21 days for the mind to internalize an activity as a habit. Focus on a micro habit for at least 21 days before trying to take on a new one.

Tip- Include learning in the process: Creating healthy micro habits is a great way to shift your health and give yourself a boost. Be sure to get education about what you’re trying to shift. Read blogs, books, or study the benefits so you are mentally and emotionally connected to the changes.

Tip- Celebrate the shifts: Creating habits for your health often has immediate results. Be sure to celebrate your wins along the way. Whether you drank enough water or walked enough steps, it’s important to congratulate yourself for your effort.

Tip- Recruit someone to join in: If you want to make changes and have fun too, invite someone to come along. Finding a partner to provide support and companionship can help make micro changes even easier.

Tip- Add a micro habit, drop a micro habit: Add a positive micro habit to your health routine and drop a bad micro habit too. You’ll be enhancing your health in two helpful ways at once.

Living your best life doesn’t require abandoning every habit you have to make new ones. In fact, you’ll have much more success if you tweak small things and make small shifts. The good news is your health doesn’t require radical changes in order to get healthy.

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