Forming Powerful New Habits

Created by Simon Hague
Updated August 8, 2022
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Everyone has good habits and bad habits. We understand that even tiny habits can help us to form highly effective life changes.

We all know that if we want to move ahead with something, there is usually something that we need to change. This can be easy, or hard depending on the topic that you are choosing and how motivated you are to achieve it.

So if you are interested in your success, this could be for you.

We know that taking small steps, small changes or making micro habits can really assist you in your journey to achieve this improvement, but sometimes, we just need a gentle helping hand to achieve it. What small changes do you think can make a big difference to you?

We have three email and web based interventions available that will be delivered to you over a 30 day period. These are structured on three genres of micro habits.

  1. The first is fairly generic and is focused on making some small habits that can help you.
  2. The second centres on health improvements and
  3. The final, about lifestyle.

Starting immediately, get an email per day that can guide you forward. Each sections contains 10 good habits examples to help you develop further.

You are buying a 30 day email and online course together with a workbook that will help you to identify what habits to introduce.

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